MERİDYEN Shopping Center

Bursa with a different location of shopping centers, Meridyen Shopping Center, we serve an area of ​​7,000 M2. since 2000.

According to other shopping centers at a different point us define the most important ability to reach consumers in a modern public market. Celebrity Street shopping center in the daily average of 20 thousand, 100 thousand visitors we welcome the feast and weekends.

Men's, women's and children's fashions and cosmetics, gift stationery goods, glassware and publishing educational for children, a wide range of products, you bring together the very affordable. The Meridyen Shopping Centre, as well as providing you with quality and price advantage, modern and clean, outlets, providing security to make your shopping in peace.

Guests here and doing the shopping, as well as a peaceful place to drink something to relax easily able to find.

Shopping center consisting of 190 trades, at around 50 shops, cafes, shopping, market, and more than 500 employees, invites you affordable and high quality.
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